Air Purifiers For The House: Pros and Cons


Many times people have whole house air purifiers installed in their central heating and air conditioning system. This type of installation has pros and cons. Typically, they only clean the air as it passes through the air purifier. The problem is that the air is contaminated again as it travels through the duct work to get to the one room needing purified air.
This is can be a complete waste of resources and it is ineffective. These types of air purifiers do not take into consideration the existing central air system. If there are closed doors or the room, which needs purified air, is a long distance from the central air system, the air will not be exchanged efficiently in the designated room.
One strategy, which helps a central system air purifier, is to have all the ductwork cleaned on a regular basis. This is a costly and difficult, however there are businesses, which specialize in the duct cleaning. This cleans the toxins in the ductwork and reduces build up of dust and particles.
The whole house air purifiers work best when combined with a brand new installation. In addition, a new installation design takes into consideration of how to purify the air in a room that is furthest from the central air system location.
For existing homes and central air systems, the easiest and most economical approach is to purchase an air purifier designed for one room use and placed in the targeted room. Even if the door is closed, the room air purifier is effective, because its focus is the room.
The room air purifier is much more efficient in design and cost effective when a specific room needs an air purifier. You can buy an effective room unit for less than $300 and get the results you want. Alternatively, you can pay for a whole house air purifier, which may cost in the thousands depending on difficulty of installation and any additional electrical needs for the whole house air purifier for example, if your home only has 100 AMP service and you want to add whole house air purifiers. An upgrade to a 200 AMP service may be required to complete the installation, easily tacking another $1000 on the installation price. Three or four very effective room air purifiers can be purchased for the cost of the electrical upgrade alone.

The pros are installation of whole house air purifiers in new homes or newly installed central air systems, are designed for effective use. The cons are typical existing central air systems are not designed for whole house air purifiers, making them very costly to install and inefficient.

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