Scientists in a Czech company, Neovision, have invented a duct-cleaning robot known as Jetty. This machine is joystick controlled and it has a 1024×768 pixel camera. It receives energy and signal on the Ethernet-over-Cat5 cable, restricting its movement to about 35 meters at this time, however it can neat and inspect kitchen, industrial, and office ductwork with relative ease.

The robot uses dry ice to wash tubes and may progress and lower having its tread-like ft. The jets are found on the middle of the robot for optimum pressure and Jetty can undertake circular, rectangular, and square ductwork and increase curves. In nearly every FPS adventure there is a duct sequence which demonic-searching, six armed monster is only going to add the the fright potential.

It’s merely a matter of time before guy is equipped with a flame thrower, internet ejector, and stun gun so let’s just pretend the approaching robot apocalypse isn’t going to take place in the near future watching as Jetty washes the interior of some industrial vents within the video below. And don’t forget, All Hail Our Coming Robot Overlords.

Duct Cleaning Robot Video



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