In this video, we take an inexpensive store-bought sanitizer that is meant to sanitize a cell phone, or a set of keys, or maybe some headphones and we tested using a system sure + ATP tester. using relative light units it will tell us the number of bacteria that is on the surface of an object, it is the same tester that is used in the food industry when making sure countertops and other surfaces are at food-grade level clean. During my first test, we came back with a result of 31 relative light units which is a fail but it’s not as bad as I expected it to be.

It turns out that the phone I was testing had been sitting in front of a Sanuvox p900 portable sanitizer and had already been sanitized to some degree. I went ahead with the test and put it into the mini store-bought sanitizer anyway and came away with a pass result of 10 relative light units. So to be fair, I switched phones and ran the test over again, this time I got a result of 117 RLU’s before putting it into the mini sanitizer. Now I let the sanitizer run again for its 15 minutes cycle and the results I will say surprised me. The test result came back at 39 RLU’s which I thought was pretty good overall. I do suspect that you would have to flip the phone over and run the cycle a second time to get the other side of the phone fully exposed to the UV light. In conclusion, even though I was relatively impressed with the product and its effectiveness when I was truly expecting a bit of a gimmick I don’t know that I would spend the money on this product because you can come up with better results in only a few seconds by using a Lysol wipe over your phone.