Be Prepared To Turn Over All Electronics To U.S. Border Guards

The United States Border guard can now ask for your laptop, tablets, and cell phones as well as your password to open them if you plan on entering the United States. this new directive became effective on January 4th end is called “ border search of electronic devices”.  they are even able to upload files to storage devices for analysis.

Possible Serial Killer Caught In Toronto

Toronto resident Bruce McArthur has been charged in the murders of 2 gay men police are claiming that he’s killed others. Mr. McArthur is a self-employed landscape designer who is now being portrayed as a serial killer. no bodies have been recovered yet but is still being charged with first-degree murder.

Tims Cuts Benefits And Tell Employees To Not Vote Liberal 

Edmonton Tim HortonsSome Tim Hortons franchise owners who are upset over the new minimum wage increase in Ontario have told their workers the blame Ontario’s Premier and to “not vote liberal”.  employees are upset after changes to their benefit plan took effect once the minimum wage increase was implemented.

Edmonton Expected To Allow Professional Wrestling Back

The city of Edmonton Sun expected to allow professional wrestling events to start up once again. the amendment which band all combative Sports in Edmonton for at least a year is going to be looked at on January 23rd where they expect the council will allow wrestling events to resume. Although wrestling is very physical and is not considered a combative sport.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins On Injured Reserve 

Not what the Oilers need right now, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is placed on injured reserve with a sternum injury. It might not be as bad as it sounds and he may only miss Saturday’s home game against the Vancouver Canucks.

EI Claims Jump In Alberta Last November

EI claims in Alberta jumped 1.8% to 63000 residents last November, the Provincial increase was due to a 5.9% increase or 22530 residents in Edmonton alone.