Technology A long Term Catalyst For Economic Growth

Well, we are not starting another crazy boom driven by high oil prices or outside business investment, we are starting to grow more companies. these new companies are through the application of Technology and could one day be self-sustaining to economic growth. The company creative destruction Labs-Rockies that launched at the University of Calgary is an important catalyst

Oilers Have Fans Confused

Edmonton Oilers fans don’t know if they’re coming or going these days with the wild swings inconsistency up their team. A 5-2 win over the Vancouver Canucks followed by a disappointing five nothing lost to the Buffalo Sabres and then a very exciting overtime win against the Calgary Flames have the Oilers fans confused.

Summer Driving Lessons Don’t Help Winter Driving 

If you took driving lessons all summer it by no way trains you how to drive in Edmonton Winters says Edmonton driving instructor. There’s just no way that you can train somebody how to handle Edmonton’s winter conditions by teaching them in the summertime, it’s much easier for a student to get their license in the summer months but can wreak havoc on the roads come winter.

Spruce Grove Counselor Questioned Over Conduct

After a Spruce Grove City counselor sends a tweet from her personal account it raises questions about conduct. Counselor Erin Stevenson ended up deleting the Tweet but not before it was noticed by the public. shoes since said” some people and some of my constituents feel that I crossed the line, and that’s what matters most” Getting used to public life and being in the public eye 24/7 Stevenson said, “ I need to be aware that being a public official is 24/7.”

Craft Beer Market Celebrates Anniversary 

Thumbprint Craft Beer Market The Thumbprint Craft Beer Market of Airdrie celebrated their first year in business on January 20th. The Craft Beer Market is a must for any beer lover, they offer hundreds of single beers and Growlers that are not available anywhere else. when the thumbprint opened it was the first of its kind in western Canada.

Banner Tourism Year For Calgary

Calgary just experienced a banner year in tourism with hotel room sales jumping as much as 9.1% over 2016. The increase resulted in 72,779 more rooms than the comparable summer of 2016. Much of the credit is given to Calgarians themselves that are helping sell the city through social media.

Calgary YouTuber Opens Vegan Restaurant 

Local Calgarian YouTuber has brought her brand of Vegan Cooking to life with a new Cafe saVeg. After building up a YouTube audience of 400000 subscribers Lee and her mother started the new Cafe on 11th Ave Southwest.

Amazon Packages Showing Up At Canadian Universities Unscheduled 

Amazon packages containing various things such as energy efficient light bulbs, computer cables, and sex toys are showing up at Universities across the country. They show up in Amazon packaging but there is no indication as to who is sending them. Everyone, including Amazon, is trying to figure out who is sending these packages.

Begin Planet Of The Apes

Planet of the Apes almost becomes a reality as 50 baboons Escape zoo in Paris. Not to worry as most have been recaptured using large nets and tranquilizer darts. The zoo will remain closed until the rest of the baboons are captured and new security measures are put in place.