How to build a solar collector cheap


In the video they are going to teach you how to build a solar heat collection system. These are great solar collector systems for heating a shop or as supplemental heating for your home.

The one that they build is approximately 32 inches tall by 61 inches long and will be putting it on the south side of the building which is optimal for solar heating systems, as I get more sun throughout the day if they’re on the south facing side of the building.

Everybody knows that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west but it travels through the southern hemisphere, thus putting your solar system on the southern side of your home exposes it to the most sunlight throughout the day.

Throughout the video he’ll explain how to build the frame, the inner tubing and how to connect all this to the inside of the structure.

This is a cool system because it even heats the air on cloudy days to some degree. It shouldn’t be considered your main heating system but is excellent as a supplement to it.

Typically the results of solar collectors increase the temperature of the supply there by more than 20°C on sunny days and 6°C on cloudy days. Will keep an eye on the Bobby Hughes videos for an update on his design. Remember that a solar collector is a great way to supplement your heat but always have a backup heat source in your are installing the solar collector in a area that must be heated throughout the night and can’t be allowed to freeze. Have fun with this and good luck with your solar collector project.

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