HQST Solar Powered Roof Mount Adjustable Attic Fan

Help your house maintain proper temperature and moisture control in its attic space the most common solution is an attic fan. Pretty much every new home on the market today will come with attic fans for good reason. With the advancements in today’s solar power, you don’t even have to spend a penny operating then after they’ve been installed.

What are the benefits of a solar powered attic fan?

Energy savings: Solar-powered attic fan will provide energy Savings in two ways, first maintaining the proper temperature in your attic space will reduce the amount of heat in your house. This means that you’re not going to have to work your air conditioning system as hard to keep comfortable. Secondly, a solar-powered attic fan doesn’t cost anything to operate once it’s being installed. It will gain and store enough energy throughout the day to power the enclosed fan.

Ease of installation: A solar-powered attic fan versus a traditionally powered attic fan is very easy to install. It is completely wireless, so there is no need of hiring a professional contractor if you are somewhat handy. No electrical code needs to be followed in the installation of a solar-powered fan. Typically it only takes about 30 minutes to install this type of attic fan.

Help save the environment:  along with the obvious Energy savings of solar, you are reducing your carbon footprint by using this technology. As mentioned earlier not only are you not using energy to power the attic fan but you are also reducing the amount of energy you’re going to need for maintaining a comfortable temperature in your home. Your air conditioning system will not be required as often, and if you live in a humid area your dehumidifier will not be needed as often.

Low or no maintenance required: Really the only maintenance that is required of an exhaust fan such as an attic fan is keeping the fan blades clean so they’re more efficient and in the case of a Solar attic fan you need to wipe off the solar panels from time to time so that they work at a peak efficiency.

Specifications for the HQST solar-powered attic fan

This attic fan is an all-in-one unit it’s designed to lower your attic temperatures as well as maintaining proper moisture levels. it features a 30-watt solar panel that will allow for strong air flow. The fan housing is made of a durable rust-free aluminum, this ensures a long maintenance free life. for us up here in Canada, the fan also comes with a Snap-On thermostat designed for use in colder climates. The panel is adjustable to 45 degrees making it perfect for pitched rooftops. This band is capable of doing 2625 square feet. Always use caution when installing a solar-powered fan, they’re designed to turn on when the sun shines. wear safety gloves, safety goggles to avoid any potential accidents.

Maximum power:  30 Watts

Airflow:  860 CFM

Fan blade:  14 in

Housing ventilator size:  20.9 x 20 .9 by 9.8 in

Warranty: 1-year material and workmanship warranty

Price: $367.99 USD Click On Photo To Order Now