OK, it’s been too long since I completely cleaned this BBQ and not just the grills, which apparently I didn’t do a good job of. We really love grilling and I got this bbq at a charity auction about ten years ago and the other day my wife asked if we should buy a new grill and maybe this grill has seen its best days go by. 

Well buying a new bbq would be great but when choosing to spend a good part of my Sunday cleaning a great grill that just needs some TLC or spending a thousand dollars it was an easy choice and I rolled up my sleeves, put on the grease monkey gloves and got to work.

The first thing I did was fill a plastic tub with hot water and a commercial degreaser before taking the grills and burner covers apart and tossing them in for a good soak. I left these to soak for about an hour and a half while I applied the same degreaser to the rest of the bbq and used a putty knife to get the build up under control. 

Next I pulled out the steamer, took a few vitamins, popped a can of spinach and started scrubbing the grill with steel wool and the steamer. This took about 45 minutes but I finally got to a happy place where the grill looked good for grilling a few hamburgers this week. 

The next portion of the cleaning was where the Dupray steamer really shined. The stainless steel was very dirty and covered in grease but the steamer chewed through this like it was nothing. After about 20 minutes of work the barbecue was looking sharp. 

After the grills and burner covers dried I put everything back together, stood back had a quick look and went in for a cold drink, a delicious chicken quesadilla for dinner and enjoy the rest of the night before the work week starts tomorrow. 

Hope you enjoy the video, cheers.