The Burglar’s Guide To Home Security


If you want to know more about your vehicle, talk to a mechanic. If you want to know more about your health, talk to a doctor. If you want to know how to keep your home safe from crime, why not talk to a burglar?

We did, and what this guy has to say could very well save you time, trouble and money. The Morgan County Sheriff’s Department was kind enough to deliver a convicted burglar to us. We agreed not to identify him if he would share his insight into how he would go about stealing from a Morgan County home.

The home is secluded, on a heavily-wooded lot. We knew he would mention the trees providing good cover, but the second thing out of his mouth was a surprise.

“The doors are lightweight. They’re real easy to open,” he said.

That was just the first of a number of things he saw that many of us would never have thought about. He said he would probably have two friends with him. They would hide the car in the woods. One would stay with the car, and the other two would go to the house.

First, they’d want to make sure nobody was home. That’s simple enough.

“Somebody would probably knock on the front door,” he said.

If nobody answers, it’s “game on.” He said with a flathead screw driver and a crowbar, you can get into any house. A sliding glass door in back is the easiest spot for him at a house.

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