Clothes Dryer Safety: Tips to Burn into Memory

Clothes Dryer SafetyClothes dryers can cause house fires if not properly maintained with regular dryer vent cleaning.

But maintaining and cleaning them and the attached vent ductwork can help prevent a tragedy. Home Pros Group trained technicians use a viper system using high pressure air with a whip end to clean the ducting attached to your dryer to clean out any build up of lint in the system. This service should be performed every year.

Following the below listed guidelines will not only promote the longevity of the dryer, but it will also enhance Clothes Dryer Safety and prevent fires.

  • Clean the lint filter before or after each use to allow  proper airflow
  • Never use the dryer without the lint filter in place
  • Check the outside vent and remove any obstructions. There are special brushes to buy that will reach into the area beneath the lint  screen and vent pipe
  • Keep combustibles away from the dryer area
  • Make sure it’s plugged into an appropriate outlet  designed for your appliance
  • Replace plastic and thin foil accordion-type vent ducting  with rigid or semi-rigid metal ductwork. Plastic and thin foil ducting can  more easily trap lint, which reduces airflow and can be a fire hazard
  • Don’t leave home with the dryer operating.
  • Don’t overload the dryer as it causes stress  on the appliance and lowers the ability to dry efficiently.
  • Review  the owner’s manual for proper safety measures
  • If some items have had volatile chemicals on them such as gasoline, motor oil, cooking oils or  other types of combustible liquids, please remove them soon after the drying cycle ends. Avoid stacking them together until  the items have cooled to room temperature. If chemicals still remain in  the items, they could self-ignite if not allowed to cool properly.
  • Something to consider: Get a professional to service the dryer at least  once a year

Please check to see if your smoke  alarms and carbon monoxide detectors are working properly.

For further clothes dryer safety consider having a Lint Alert System installed into your dryer venting system that will let you know if the venting is becoming clogged. Dryer fires are a leading casue of home fires every year Clothes Dryer Safety is a major concern and important subject matter to never forget.



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