Man holds onto Christmas gift unopened for 47 years

Edmonton news for January 2nd, 2018 Edmonton man who’s been holding onto an unopened Christmas gift for 47 years still hasn’t found his ex-girlfriend who gave it to him, but he has got the attention of some imposters. Adrienne Pearce’s Story has gone viral, and there have been a few women claiming to be his ex-girlfriend. but pierced nose none of them are true as he’s prepared a set questions that only his old flame would know.

The latest cold weather snap has kept fire Crews extremely busy at Cross Edmonton

There have been numerous water pipes reported busted since 6 last night, in fact, there were 39 water pipe related calls. The fire department weren’t the only ones that were kept on their toes, Epcor faced two water main breaks on January 1st. there were over 33 residential or business properties affected.

The search continues for the Edmonton Police Department for a rifle used in an attempted theft.

A rifle used in an attempted theft is missing, and the Edmonton Police Department are asking residents to search their properties if they live near 96th Ave and 180th Street. The rifle is discarded early Tuesday morning. The gun was used to break into vehicles.

Hometown hockey made its way into Spruce Grove

It was Spruce Grove’s turn on December 31st to host Hometown hockey with Ron Maclean. the home of Grant Fuhr, arguably Edmonton’s greatest goaltender ever and Spruce Grove most famous person hosted Hometown hockey, With many Brave fans turning out even with the extremely cold weather.

Airbnb announces Edmonton as one of its top trending  destinations

Airbnb is a very popular website but allows homeowners to rent out their homes or just a room for a fee. It was announced on December 30th that Edmonton was the third most popular destination for short-term vacations. St. Albert has a boat 10 locations available for rent right now, but these numbers change throughout the year. Although it doesn’t yet seem to be affecting Hotel rental rates yet it is a growing concern for places like St. Albert Inn and Suites.

It’s game day for the Edmonton Oilers as they host the Los Angeles Kings

Tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Kings marks the halfway point of the 2017 – 2018 season. Fans are starting to worry that we are not going to make the playoffs after an embarrassing  Loss to the Winnipeg Jets on New Year’s Eve. Let’s hope for a better result tonight.

The average home in Edmonton is now worth slightly more than it would have been in 2016

Edmonton real estate market is starting to climb again with a .6% increase on a single family home. That means a single-family home in Edmonton is now worth $399,500. It appears that the real estate market is at least stable.