A New Year’s Day death has been reported as the first homicide of 2018

What was deemed a suspicious death has now been confirmed as Edmonton’s first homicide for 2018. the body of a man that’s found in an alley on New Year’s Day In the Holyrood neighborhood. The victim was only 21 years old, his name was Ruben Baker. https://goo.gl/n5Yuh4


Fruit trees to feed the hungry

Could planting fruit trees around the city provide much-needed food for the hungry? Many people are having to turn to the food bank still to supplement their food budget, it was estimated that food bank usage was up 23% in 2015 compared to 2014. One suggested response by Operation Fruit Rescue Edmonton was to Use privately owned fruit trees and have volunteers to harvest them. ¼ would go to the volunteers, ¼ would go to the tree owner, ¼ would go to the Edmonton Food Bank and the remaining ¼ would go to operation fruit rescue Edmonton for processing. https://goo.gl/2f8BX6

Edmonton robot fighting League up and running and looking for more robots

Edmonton Robot Fighting LeagueI’m sure we’ve all seen it on TV at one time, two robots in a ring battling to the death. Well, there is now a robot fighting league right here in Edmonton. the club will welcome anyone who has a robot that is looking for a fight. if you’re not interested in building a robot for the ring maybe you just want to watch the mayhem. https://goo.gl/XPv1uC


Gas station in Spruce Grove expresses its feelings towards the carbon tax

A spruce grove gas station operator used some colorful language on their roadside sign to express their displeasure for the new Alberta carbon tax. they decided to drop an F-bomb along with the words NDP and Trudeau. the carbon tax has resulted in a 2.5 Cent increase for a liter of gas at the pumps. Well many people agree with the frustration felt by this operator, the choice of words on a board that is so public was not popular and has been taken down. https://goo.gl/koHqKi