Edmonton Check Stop 

Edmonton’s annual holiday check-stop got the same results in 2017 as they did in 2016 with 42 arrests for Impaired driving. There were over 3,500 cars pulled over, 72 roadside suspensions and 42  arrests. https://goo.gl/HPYnUH

Police Warn Of Released Sex Offender

Edmonton Police Services are warning residents about a sex offender that’s been released and is likely to re-offend. Convicted sex offender Corey Smith is 45 years old,  5’ foot 9” and 166 lb. police will be keeping a close eye on him is he thought likely to re-offend someone under the age of 16 and living in the Edmonton area. https://goo.gl/U9LMG5

Ice Castle Returns

Edmonton ice castle has returned.  Since 2005, Edmontonians have been treated to hand-built ice castles that have a resemblance to Narnia. They are completely built by hand with over 10,000 icicles and LED lights. The ice castle takes up over an acre land and changes daily depending on the weather. it’s open now and will remain open until March,  cost for entrance Is between $12.95 and $20 depending on when you purchase it and what day of the week you go. https://goo.gl/C2zrR1

2017 Edmonton Music Prize

3 local music Acts compete for $10,000 and the right to be named Winner of the 2017 Edmonton music prize. Three finalists are the Transatlantic Folk Act, Damn Davidson, and  Nuela Charles. https://goo.gl/XTN6zE

New Digital Assistant Joins The Fight

Another digital assistant is going to be challenging for your business in 2018. Roku, Who is already the dominant streaming media player in the United States Has decided to jump in the ring against Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s Siri with its own digital assistant. The one big difference between Roku’s assistant and all the others is that it will be focused towards digital Home Entertainment. https://goo.gl/eJwGX1

New 150″ Projector From LG

Edmonton news for January 5, 2018

LG has a new 4k HDR projector Which they decided to release just before CES 2018. This projector doesn’t look anything like a traditional projector, it sits up like a pillar and has a handle for carrying it around. Although the design was meant to sit on the ground you will be still able to mount the projector to your ceiling if you choose. This is the brightest projector that LG has ever made at 2500 lumens, it is also able to project a picture of 150 in. https://goo.gl/9J5xUj

Toshiba Introduces Symbio

Introducing Symbio by Toshiba. This device consolidates multiple Smart home devices such as a 1080p security camera, Intercom system, Smart speaker for live streaming music, A smart sound detector that will alert smartphones when it is set off and It works with Touch-free voice control Powered by Amazon’s Alexa. Toshibas goal is to give consumers more value for their money by combining many functions into this one product. https://goo.gl/TMU43S

Authentic Wireless Charging – Ability To Charge Devices From 80′ Away

2018 will see Authentic wireless charging system heading the market, such as The power caste system that has the ability to wirelessly charge devices up to 80 feet away. Wireless charging typically uses radio frequency RF to trickle charge batteries. This means that the devices will not have to have physical contact with the charging station at all. We can’t wait to get our hands on one of these and try it for ourselves. They will have a booth at CES 2018 in Las Vegas. https://goo.gl/B62zdg

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