Calgary 18 to 1 For Amazon’s 2nd Headquarters 

According to betting site Paddy Power, Calgary has odds of 18 to 1 chance of getting Amazon’s HQ2 and is 2nd in Canada behind Toronto at 16 to 1. Edmonton well a long ways back is still in the running at 100 to 1. The odds on favorite cities to wind Amazon’s second headquarters go to Austin Texas and Atlanta Georgia each at 3 to 1 odds. Whatever city is fortunate enough to win the Amazon sweepstakes will see about 50000 new jobs in their area. Whether or not this is good for residents of the area remains to be seen,  As it will create a housing crisis and other financial and infrastructure challenges.

Economy Moving Nicely 

The economy in Edmonton is growing faster than it was expected to according to the city’s Chief Economist. The unemployment average could be as low as 7.2 to 7.3% and the growth will be up to 3% from earlier estimates of 2.5 to 2.7%. Approximately 26,000 jobs were created in Edmonton over the past year.

Free Gym Passes

Getting in shape has never been cheaper? Alberta doctors are writing prescriptions for gym passes. Yes, it’s true if you want to get in shape, go see your doctor and have them write you a prescription for a gym pass,  There are multiple locations across Edmonton such as the YMCA, private  Fitness facilities and community centers that are participating in this movement.

Great Year For Alberta Energy Efficiency 

energy efficientEnergy Efficiency Alberta has had great success for its first year, saving Albertans over 300 million dollars since its Inception. The focus of the agency is to help Albertans switch to more energy saving products such as thermostats, low-flow shower heads, LED lights, more efficient hot water heaters, and windows.

Alberta Road Rage

Is road rage on the rise? Well according to many Alberta drivers it is. According to a new survey by Ama, Alberta drivers are reporting more aggressive Maneuvers and full out road rage. The survey consisted of 1800 people and 57% of those people thought there was a man increase in aggressive driving.