Edmonton Garbage System OverhaulGarbage System Needs Review

The city of Edmonton is falling behind in garbage standards, in a recent audit that was done, it showed that the amount of garbage diverted to waste management from the landfill has declined over the past 5 years. at one time 49.5% of all the cities garbage went to waste management, that number is now only 35.7%. https://goo.gl/2CLMpS

Red Deer Heritage Awards

Do you know somebody who is deserving of recognition for preserving red deer’s heritage? Well, it’s time to recognize these people and you can help by nominating somebody in the community for their efforts in Heritage preservation, education, and awareness. https://goo.gl/QLTMwy

Appliances Valued At Over $23,000 Stolen From Calgary Business

A Calgary business has been hit by a major theft of over $23,000 when 61 appliances were stolen from the Southeast Business in December. The company is bold West appliances at 106th Ave and Barlow Trail Southwest. The company was storing excess inventory for the Christmas rush in a semi-trailer parked just out of view of the warehouse’s security cameras. https://goo.gl/PtuH9f

Police Recover Wheelchair Stolen Last Fall

10,000 Dollar wheelchair belonging to an elderly woman of 84 years which was stolen last fall has now been recovered by the police. The wheelchair was stolen out of the garage in Northeast Calgary in mid-October, the owner who can’t stand let alone walk without the chair was left helpless. https://goo.gl/LMxDJz


Trudeau Says No Decriminalization For Opioids

Prime minister Trudeau held a town hall meeting at Edmonton’s Grant MacEwan University, he addressed the national overdose crisis that is facing Canada right now but said there are no plans to decriminalize possession of opioids. https://goo.gl/q1fmr3


Same Problems Face The Oilers In Another Loss

See the same old story in the Edmonton Oilers lost last night to the  Colorado Avalanche, the Oilers got off to a slow start, their special teams did not perform and it critical call went the other way. The video review that awarded the Colorado  Avalanche seem to be the final straw and sucked all the air out of the building. https://goo.gl/ZcdpdM


Tredeau Says Government Firm On Trans Mountain Pipeline

With a lot of fighting between British Columbia and Alberta, Prime minister has stated that the Trans  Mountain pipeline will be built. British Columbia is trying to put restrictions on the amount of bitumen that would flow through the pipeline. prime minister Trudeau stated, “ we have the federal government to look out for the national interest above various disagreements within the provinces and we did exactly that on the Trans Mountain pipeline”. https://goo.gl/SajYp4


Airdrie Honors Kids

The city of Airdrie has honored 11 little kids with the 2017 awesome archery kids Awards. 11 kids will receive a special certificate, a t-shirt that says I’m awesome a $50 donation to a charity of their choice and a $50 Sully’s gift card. https://goo.gl/EsyvEQ