Edmonton Zoo Under Fire From Defense Of Animals

The Edmonton Zoo has received a dishonorable mention as being one of the 10 worst zoos that keep elephants in North America. the group is a California-based organization called defense of animals, it releases an annual list of alleged mistreatment of animals in captivity. https://goo.gl/1Vt58K

Police Review Their Carding Practices

Edmonton’s  controversial police carding practices are not fair and objective according to researchers. Edmonton police commission hired Kurt Griffiths who is a criminology professor at Simon Fraser University to do the review after a CBC report showed the police service have been checking indigenous and black people more often than white. https://goo.gl/XErZo3

Underground Explosion Rocks Downtown

An underground explosion blew the covers off many manholes in Downtown Edmonton Wednesday afternoon, as it turns out the explosion was an EPCOR electrical vault. emergency crews had to rescue an injured woman who had fallen down an exposed manhole. https://goo.gl/vLoMbn

Prisinors Segregated From General Population

The inmates who are on a hunger strike at the Edmonton Remand Centre have been segregated from the rest of the population for non-compliance. Being made say they are striking as a protest against violence from the guards. the province is arguing that the inmates are actually on strike because they want more time outside of their cells. https://goo.gl/Aq7JWF

7-Eleven Stores Stormed By Immigration Officers In US

Immigration agents in the United States stormed 7-Eleven stores in  17 States, The agents are thought to have targeted over 100 7-Eleven stores across the country. The Crackdown involved checking for green cards and on notice but forces the owner to produce hiring records within 3 days for all employees under immigration status. https://goo.gl/nn6SYB

Trudeau Heckled In Hamilton

Prime minister Trudeau was visiting Hamilton Ontario yesterday when he was heckled by a woman in the crowd about Omar Khadr at a local town hall meeting. The Prime Minister responded by saying that he to is angry about the multimillion-dollar settlement. https://goo.gl/A6evWM

Alligators Are True Survivors 

News for January 11, 2018Alligators have survived for millions of years, they are truly one of the most resilient animals on the planet. this picture really proves it has an alligator has to stick it’s snout up through the ice so that it can breathe. https://goo.gl/Q4UKU3


Seniors From Winnipeg Killed In Jamaica 

Two seniors from Winnipeg died as a result of a brutal attack at their Jamaican vacation home. The family is yet to receive much information from the local Jamaican authorities. Robbery is a possible motive but nothing has been ruled out yet. https://goo.gl/PocUct