High-Speed Crash Leaves 18 Year Old Driver In Critical Condition

An 18-year-old driver of a Honda Pilot was thrown from his vehicle after it hit a Mitsubishi Outlander, with over a sidewalk on 97th Street, into a cement light standard, a fire hydrant, an advertising trailer sign and finally coming to a rest after hitting another light standard. During the multiple crashes, the driver was thrown from the vehicle at some point. The vehicle also had two other passengers, both girls aged 16 & 17 who are not seriously injured.  the driver is in critical condition In the police have determined that speed was a major factor in the Collision. https://goo.gl/vWi6Pa

Doctors Against Tragedies

A group of Edmonton doctors have created a new card game based on the popular Cards Against Humanity game. their game is called “doctors against tragedies” and it’s all about the risks of using fentanyl. The idea for the educational game came after the group of doctors noticed growing numbers of organ donors from people who overdosed using the drug. https://goo.gl/784aBc

Oilers Only Team To Beat The Golden Knights Twice This Season

The Edmonton Oilers might be struggling this season but they are the only team in the league to beat the Las Vegas golden knights twice.  they managed to pull off the second victory in Las Vegas with a 3-2 overtime win on Connor McDavid’s birthday. https://goo.gl/XsJb1G

Edmonton Accelerator NorthCanvas

Local Edmonton company raising millions of dollars to invest in cannabis-related startup firms that could make Edmonton a major hub in the marijuana industry. NorthCanvas has plans of providing 3 million to 5 million dollars in seed money and other assistance over the next three years. They have hopes of kicking off of 16-week boot camp in June with the first 10 companies to work on Business Development, planning and finding customers. https://goo.gl/uT1sV7

Local Tournament Raises $55,000 For Cancer Research

Ringette scores on cancerLocal Ringette tournament raised $55,000 for cancer research over the weekend as more than 250 Ringette players from the Western Canadian provinces took part in a friendly competition. In total there were 16 teams from Saskatchewan, British Columbia, and Alberta But took part in the tournament played out at the West Edmonton Mall ice rink in the 9th Annual Ringette scores on cancer tournament. https://goo.gl/ZjCMkg

Local Man Plays Cards Through The Hawaii Missle Alert

One Fort Saskatchewan resident wasn’t going to let the bogus missile threat ruin his Hawaiian vacation. Chris Robertson says they were playing cards throughout the entire event, saying “ if something like this was going to happen we would just want to be together anyway.” https://goo.gl/pmDczL

Search & Rescue Over In Montecito

The search and rescue efforts in Montecito California have come to an end but there are still 4 missing people, so far the death toll is 20 people. The devastating storm sent flash floods through the Mountain slopes that were ravaged by wildfires just weeks ago, with no vegetation to slow the water down it turned into devastating mudslides. Officials are worried the more mudslides are on their way as this is only the beginning of the California rainy season. https://goo.gl/5AEpQK