Edmonton Professional Dancer Finds Her Voice In New York

Edmonton born Nicole Papadopoulos has found her voice in New York. The actress and professionally trained ballet dancer suffered an injury but kept her from dancing 4 weeks. she decided to take her love 4 performance in Channel it into a microphone. she is now a full-time professional voice actor. https://goo.gl/ySmeQr

Hockey Playoffs Drives Minors Into The Sport

Sports are an amazing thing, it can bring a city together like nothing else. When the Edmonton Oilers made the playoffs last year it was hard to find the street corner car or storefront that wasn’t Decked Out with Oilers gear. One of the coolest things though about sports is its ability to get kids out playing, emulating their Heroes. Edmonton has seen a boom in minor hockey after the Edmonton Oilers playoff run last season. https://goo.gl/5Sknjn

City Of Edmonton Embraces The Cold

Edmonton Embraces The ColdEdmonton wants to show the cities that are in cold climates can have both an active indoor and outdoor presence during the winter months. Edmonton is North America’s northernmost city that exceeds 1 million people, City Council wants to embrace our cold weather climate by designing the downtown core that will attract more people outside during the winter months. https://goo.gl/73jcU9

Parents Charged With Child Endangerment 

Parents on the southwest side of the city are charged with child endangerment after a large fentanyl bust. Fentanyl, marijuana, and firearms were seized from a home in southwest Edmonton, and the parents of a baby and toddler are facing numerous charges. https://goo.gl/sA5YWs

Online Orders Increase Business For Small Restaurants

Online food ordering apps such as skip the dishes are growing by Leaps and Bounds in the restaurant industry in and around Edmonton. Millennials have embraced this digital full-service restaurant app. Small businesses such as the Black Bull Steak and Pizza have the opportunity to compete against larger chains in the home delivery business. the Black Bull says they average six to eight orders every day through the app. https://goo.gl/wYqNfH

Bannon Interviewed On Russian Probe

Steve Bannon the former white house chief strategist has cut a deal with Robert Mueller to be interviewed on Russian probes. Bannon who refused to answer most questions citing executive privilege divulged details of a meeting between Trump campaign officials and the Russians. https://goo.gl/iUKyvc

Kevin O’Leary Helps You Invest

Kevin O’Leary who is an investor on ABC Shark Tank has some tips on how to get rich. in true Kevin O’Leary Style he makes it really simple, “ when you’re 21 years old, or 20 or 18 or 19 you start putting aside 10% of what you make, you’ll have over $1,000,000 by the time your 65”. To achieve this O’Leary makes it really simple, stop buying crap! before you can start investing money you need money, you do have the money you just spend it on ridiculous things. Stop by and coffees for $2.50 each, brew a cup of coffee at home for $0.20 and invest the rest. https://goo.gl/RQ8nWe

Rogers Employees Shed Light On The Toxic Work Environment They Face

Rogers employees are talking about the call center tactics that they’re trained to use to upsell you on products and services. employees both past and present have come forward describing the work environment at Rogers as toxic, intense and high pressure. https://goo.gl/McSUxD

Family Of Young Girl Who Orchestrated A Hijab Attack Apologizes To All Canadians

A young girl’s family apologizes to all Canadians Over a hoax of a hajib attack last week. “We are deeply saddened for the pain and anger that our family has caused in the past several days”.  the young lady says that she was attacked by a stranger armed with scissors and sliced her hijab. https://goo.gl/4nUC99