Trump’s Deal Maker Statis In Question

The US government has effectively shut down, as negotiations continue to reopen the government one big question remains. Has this tarnished the president Donald Trump’s reputation as the great deal maker? Donald Trump was very critical of President Obama’s close call with a government shutdown, stating that it is ultimately the president’s job to keep the government open and what a terrible negotiator he was. Now he is faced with the exact same Challenge and it’s dust far failed.

City Of Shipping Containers

Shipping Container City For EdmontonThe architect who was one of the key designers behind City Hall is now proposing a new project that would be a mini City made of shipping containers. Gene Dub is one of the 10 finalists of the Edmonton project whose aim is to attract attention to Edmonton.

Jesse Puljujarvi Steps Up For Oilers 

With Ryan Nugent-Hopkins out for five to six weeks with a broken rib, the Edmonton Oilers desperately needed someone to step up in his absence. Jesse Puljujarvi proved he was the man for the job with a goal and two assists as the Edmonton Oilers defeat the Vancouver Canucks 5 to 2 coming out of their bye week.

Secret Service In Edmonton

The United States Secret Service is headed for Edmonton to train our local police force on how to spot threats. This is a first for Canadian law enforcement agencies where the American Secret Service helps train a Canadian law enforcement.

Fishing Lures From Bottle Caps

A Calgary company has created a unique fishing lure made from bottle caps,  Norm price started selling the Caps about 10 years ago but now it seems the lures are going mainstream and can be found in Canadian Tire and Co-op Gas bars. the prophets from the bottle cap lures go to a non-profit group aimed at keeping bottle caps out of the landfill.

Are Secondary Schools The Reason Calgary Didn’t Get Amazon?

Calgary’s failed attempt at attracting the retail giant Amazon has shown the province of Alberta that it must step up its commitment to post-secondary schools. According to Amazon Calgary didn’t make the shortlist due to its lack in the local talent pool.

Thumbs Up For Mental Health Pilot Project In Airdrie

A new mental health pilot project is coming to Airdrie, the thumbs-up foundation has partnered with cool Family Solutions after 20 years of successful results in working with families with mental health issues.

New Patrolers Wanted For Night Owls

The night owls, a citizen Patrol in Spruce Grove is looking for new recruits. the night owls which started in 2016 is a citizen Patrol group and they are now looking for a few more controllers this year. Currently, the night owls have 20 plus members and Patrol areas in Wabamun, Alberta Beach, Stony Plain and Spruce Grove.

St. Albert Man Wants To Share Secrets For Energy Savings

St. Albert man Ron Kube wants to share how he cuts his electricity in use by half simply by changing up his lights and his habits. After measuring his homes annual power usage he discovered he was using more than 12000 kilowatts per year, this is substantially more than the average home up 7200 kilowatts per year. determined to reduce his electricity consumption, Kube  did a little bit of electricity detective work to find out where he was consuming most of his energy.

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