Young Girl Suffers Severe Hand Injury At Stollery 

A young girl who is recovering from open-heart surgery at the Stollery Hospital suffered a serious hand injury from a botched IV line. The Ivy had come out of the vein and was seeping a mixture of sugar, potassium, and sodium under the child’s skin.

Oilers Hire Paul Coffey

The Edmonton Oilers have hired another Legend  Paul Coffey from the Stanley Cup Dynasty team The 1980s. At 56 years old Coffey was winning Stanley Cups before most of this team was even born but his advice is invaluable to the players are excited to have them on board as a skills development coach.

Council To Decide On 2026 FIFA Bid

The upcoming Tuesday city council meeting will have the counselors decide if they’re going to place her hosel for the 2026 FIFA World Cup in Edmonton. Counselors are very concerned about the 35 to 55 million dollar price tag that comes along with hosting the event but They are excited about the international branding that the city will receive as well as the business for local restaurants, hotels, and other businesses.

Calgary’s Central Libary Is One Of The Most Anticipated Buildings

Calgary to be home to one of the world’s 12 most awaited buildings, It’s the new 350 million dollar Central Library. It is located at an intersection of downtown Calgary and the East Village and it has an LRT Line running right beside it.

Castle For Sale In Mount Royal Area

Calgary CastleA unique property in Calgary has come up for sale, dubbed as the castle. It is definitely a unique home which located in Upper Mount Royal. the home has come up for sale through an estate sale and is listed at 1.75 million dollars.

Judge To Hear Arguments For Claus and Frank After Guilty Sentance 

A Red Deer judge is set to hear Arguments for Jason Claus and Joshua Frank who were recently found guilty on three counts of first-degree murder. The crown prosecutor is seeking 75 years in jail before either is eligible for parole.

Routine Stop Turns To Pursuit For RCMP

A police pursuit in Airdrie Alberta has led to the arrest of 3 people with a stolen truck and Firearms seized Early Sunday morning. What was meant to be a routine traffic stop where Ford F-150 was pulled over for driving pulling a trailer without any lights on turned into a Pursuit as the owner of the vehicle first pulled over but then drove away fast.

The US Government Is Still Closed 

United States government has failed to come to agreements between the Democrats and Republicans to reopen the government last night. A vote is expected later on this afternoon. The Senate did inch closer to an agreement But the Democrats are not yet happy with the level of commitment from McConnell.