Use Caution If Traveling To Jamaica

Canadians be warned if you’re planning a romantic trip to Montego Bay Jamaica. the government of Canada has released a warning if you are staying at any resorts around the Montego Bay Area. there has been extreme gang violence In the past here. Amazingly enough Jamaica record 3 times the number of murders that Canada sees with just a small fraction of our population.

Kinder Morgan Hears More Objections To Their Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline

Transmountain Pipeline - Alberta oilsandsThe opposition of the planned Trans Mountain Oil Pipeline is speaking out About their objections on the pipeline’s route that sees it pass North of Burnaby Lake. This Kinder Morgan project would triple the pipeline’s capacity that would allow new markets for  Alberta’s crude oil Market overseas in Asia.

Barrhead To Get A EPC Branch

The Edmonton Pregnancy Center is hoping to open a new location in Barrhead this April. The EPC is a nonprofit agency the provides counseling for mother’s dealing with unexpected pregnancies.

Sabres Beat Flames 

The Buffalo Sabres haven’t had a lot to cheer about this season and sit second last in the league, but last night in Calgary Jack Eichel scored an overtime winner against Mike Smith. Michael now has four goals and six assists extending his point streak to 6 games. The Calgary Flames look to bounce back on Wednesday night as they host the Los Angeles Kings.

Chinatown Is Changing In Edmonton

Edmonton Chinatown is changing, With all the economic development in the downtown area over the past couple of years, it is brought new business and new restaurants. Chinatown is one of Edmonton’s Most historic, vibrant and resilient neighborhoods and food blogger Sharon Yeo, and her friend Freya Fu, are hosting tours and food crawls designed to introduce people to Chinatown’s Hidden Gems.

Bike Sharing In Calgary Might Be A Reality This Summer

It looks like bike sharing in Calgary could be a reality this summer. bike sharing is much like car sharing, you sign up on an app, find a bike, unlock it and start writing. The idea was floated a few years ago and eventually abandoned but new technologies make it a viable business model and a great way to get around town.

Michelle Obama To Speak In Calgary 

Michelle Obama, the former United States first lady is coming to Calgary to speak in March. She is scheduled to speak at the Stampede Corral March 23rd at 7 p.m. Besides being the first lady Mrs. Obama has had an incredible career. She graduated close to the top of her class at Princeton, worked in law, worked with the Chicago mayor, before being the first lady for 8 years.

Leduc RCMP Make Another Drug Bust

Leduc RCMP drug unit made its third significant drug bust of 2018 already. It has been a busy start to 2018 for the RCMP end on January 17th the drug unit laid more Criminal code and controlled drug charges as a result of a search warrant.

Cochrane’s Mayor Wants His City To Be Included in the Smart Cities Challenge

The mayor of Cochrane and a small delegation were more than just attending the 2018 consumer technology Association conference in Las Vegas. They have big plans on getting Cochrane into the smart cities challenge.