Edmonton Leads Canada’s Major Cities With Ex-Inmate Population

It seems as though the federal prison system uses the city of Edmonton has a Dumping Ground for ex-inmates. Edmonton has the largest number A Parolees per capita across Canada at 67 per 100,000 people. As far as major cities going Canada Edmonton has a much higher ratio, Dublin Calgary Who has 31 per hundred thousand people, And more than tripling Toronto who has 19 per hundred thousand people. https://goo.gl/6TUJ1y

Mike Smith Going to All-Star Game

Calgary Flames goaltender Mike Smith is heading to the all-star game. Smith didn’t quite make the vote this year but the last minute injury to Los Angeles Kings goaltender Jonathan Quick he gets the nod to play in the mid-season extravaganza. https://goo.gl/AsbUeT

Oilers Win In Shootout Over Flames But Real Story Is McDavid’s Reaction

The Edmonton Oilers win an exciting game over the Calgary Flames last night with a 4-3 victory in the shootout, but the real story might be the flash of intensity shown by McDavid after he scored the shootout winner. After an overtime goal was called back for goaltender interference which McDavid was not happy about he pointed up as if to say “review this” when he scored the shootout winner. https://goo.gl/PSKFve

Calgary Food Drive Is Great Success

Calgary Food DriveMayor Naheed Nenshi Announced that Calgarians “Remain committed to supporting Their fellow citizens in need” At the mayor’s food drive wrap up event held on Thursday. The city managed an astounding $641,846.98  in food donations from businesses, students, and communities of the surrounding area. https://goo.gl/Av7wQW

RCMP Fined $550K Over Shooting’s Of Members

The RCMP have been handed a $550,000 penalty for labor code Conviction in the Moncton Mountie shootings. Is ruled that the RCMP failed their officers during the 2014 shooting in Moncton that left three officers dead. https://goo.gl/go3ceJ

More “Fake News” Declares The President 

President Donald Trump dismisses reports the orderedered Robert Mueller’s firing and calls it “fake news”. The New York Times reported that the president had ordered the firing of mr. Mueller last June, But back down after the White House’s lawyer threatened to resign. https://goo.gl/gK1eda

America First Agenda Pressed In Speech At Global Summit

President Trump presses on with his America First agenda at the Global Summit in Switzerland. He claims under his leadership the America First agenda also benefits the rest of the world and that the United States is open for business. “When the United States grows, so does the world,” Trump said. https://goo.gl/aRL8oP