City Trains And Equips Peace Officers To Handle Drug Overdoses

The city is going to start issuing naloxone to all of its peace officers and Municipal enforcement officers to combat drug overdoses. Edmonton is facing an increase in drug overdoses caused by opioids, so they are issuing naloxone a nasal spray that is designed to stop the effects of Opioids in a person’s body and potentially save their life.

The Sound Of The Streets Being Cleared Could Mean A Ticket For You

Edmonton Clearing SnowAre waking up to the sounds of graders and tow trucks has the seasonal parking ban. it is the job of the parking enforcement coordinator to make sure the first. Parking enforcement will provide their vehicles. if you do not move your vehicle,  this is up $50 from the previous Year as parking authority tries to get the message across to Residence and stay on Pace with what other cities are charging.

Jagr Put On Waivers By The Flames

Has age finally caught up with Jaromir Jagr? The Calgary Flames have placed him on waivers since he hasn’t played since December 31st you do too a lower-body injury. This could be the end of the legends career after signing a $1000000 one-year deal with the Calgary Flames in the offseason.

10 Year Plan To End Homelessness In Calgary Ends Today

The ambitious plan to end homelessness in Calgary  with a 10-year plan end today. it was a beautiful idea but maybe a little too ambitious and the goal is now out of reach as there are still thousands of calgarian without home. Social agencies And officials both agree that the city has made huge strides towards this goal over the past decade.

Alberta Country Music Awards

Now and it’s 7 tier the Alberta Country Music Awards were held in Red Deer on Sunday, more than 15 Awards where is shoot. Edmonton artist Alee won female artist of the year and Dan Davidson was the male artist of the year.

FBI Deputy Director Steps Down

Andrew McCabe FBI deputy director has stepped down and characterized as” stepping aside.”  The deputy director will remain on the FBI’s payroll until the middle of March when he is able to retire with full benefits. Some things that he is stepping down due to pressure from president Donald Trump and the tensions between the White House and the FBI.

Putin Accuses US Of Election Meddling In Russia 

In a turn of events Russian President Vladimir Putin the White House of meddling in Russia’s elections. this comes after the US had accused the Russians of meddling in the 2016 US presidential elections, with Russia denies having any involvement in.

Feds Talk About Taking Over 5G Network

Administration is considering taking over the 5G Network Nationwide, in what they claim will be to prevent infiltration by China. The much-anticipated super-fast 5G Network will provide internet connection 100 times faster then the current network. Final decision is a long ways off but if they do decide to do it they said they could have the infrastructure done in less than three years.