Edmonton City Parking Ban Over

The city’s parking ban ended last night at midnight as all efforts now will be focused in residential areas. Any residents who are located on collector roads and bus routes will now be allowed to park curbside again. If you live in residential areas watch for the signs in your neighborhood so you know when they will be clearing your street. https://goo.gl/DzQ7H7

Jagr Headed Home To Play

Anybody who’s a hockey fan would have probably like to seen Jaromir Jagr illustrious hockey career end a little differently than it did this year with the Calgary Flames. Yauger was plagued with injuries this year and hasn’t played a game since December 31st. Jagr Has made the decision to play for his hometown team, HC Kladno In the Czech Republic. https://goo.gl/FgPyA1

U Of C President Stepping Down

This is going to be the final year for the University of Calgary’s president Elizabeth Cannon, she announced that she will vacate her position At the end of this school year. Canon has been the president since 2010 and has been credited with turning the university into “ one of Canada’s most recognized and dynamic institutions of Higher Learning.”  by Gordon Richie. https://goo.gl/EJsx7G

Red Deer Man Now Also Faces Sexual Assult Charges

A Red Deer man who was arrested 2 weeks ago on child pornography charges has now also been charged with sexual assault charges, and officials believe there might be more victims Yet to Come forward. This investigation began in January of 2017 after authorities were alerted about a social media user uploading child pornography. https://goo.gl/AujvSe

Big-Brothers-Big-Sisters-Dream-Home-Lottery-Edmonton-2018Dream Home Lottery In St. Albert

The Big Brothers Big Sisters Dream Home Lottery will feature 2 homes valued at over a million dollars each. the homes will be located in Saint Albert on Enchanted Way. This will Mark the 38th edition of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Dream Home Lottery. https://goo.gl/YZjJBA

One Last Trip For The Travelling Jagr’s 

The traveling Jagr’s who came to Fame by all wearing different Jaromir Jagr jerseys and traveling to games throughout North America following their hero are contemplating a trip to the Czech Republic to honor their hero one last time. They are considering starting a GoFundMe page to help pay for the trip. https://goo.gl/QNG8hj

Volkswagon Executive Suspended Over Experiments 

Thomas Steg an executive with Volkswagen has been suspended over controversial experiments involving monkeys being exposed to diesel exhaust. Steg admits to knowing about the experiments but not reporting them to the companies then CEO, Martin Winterkorn.  The giant automaker is currently investigating the activities of EUGT,  which is backed by Volkswagen and other car makers and commissioned the experiments. https://goo.gl/MZ8eqL