The Liberal government Keeps Canada Post Home Delivery

With an expected announcement soon the Liberal government is expected to stop with the community mailboxes and keep the door to door delivery services, but if you are already getting your mail at a community box it will not change for you.

The City Of Edmonton To Bid On 2026 FIFA

Edmonton city council has decided to move ahead with a bid for the 2026 FIFA world cup bid. Edmonton is one of four Canadian cities that are bidding, the other cities are Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal.

Oilers Playoff Hopes Fading Fast

The Oilers took a huge hit last night for their playoff hopes after losing to the Buffalo Sabres 5-0. Home games seem to be a problem for Edmonton as they have been shut out five times this year and four of those were at home.

Navajo Metals Being Watched By City

After explosions caused by propane tanks and gas tanks, Calgary is watching the metal recycling company closely. The operation is just off Deerfoot Trail in the cities Southeast.

With Cheap Rent And Rising Interest Why Buy?

Rent Or BuyMany young professionals that can afford and qualify for a mortgage in Calgary are choosing other investments due to the cheap rent and high-interest rates seen in the city. The formula for a successful life used to be, get an education, find a stable job, and purchase a house until retirement. This formula is changing for many people of the younger generation.

New Community Opens In Airdrie

The new community of Chinook Gate in Airdrie has opened its door for sales of new homes. The project is a Brookfield build that will see up to 828 new homes built in Airdrie.

Barracuda To Play At Horizon Stage

Spruce Grove’s Horizon Stage is ready to “Go Crazy On You” with band Barracuda. The band is a Heart tribute band that features hits of the famous band made popular in the late 70’s and 80’s.

Close Call For Lower Mainland of British Columbia

An earthquake of 7.9 magnitude shook Alaska and raised fears of a Tsunami for the BC coastal areas. The Quake that didn’t amount to much did raise questions for B.C. residents as to why they only received tidal wave alerts.

Another Mass School Shooting In The U.S.

Another tragic shooting at a high school in the United States see’s two students dead and 17 others injured. This time it was at Marshall County High School in Kentucky, the 15-year-old suspect is in custody.