Is The Oil Patch Struggling Due To Carbon Tax Or Something Else?

The oil patch is losing millions of dollars a day and struggling to compete with it’s us competitors but is it because of the carbon tax or is there some other Factor that is greatly damaging our natural resources sales?  The fact of the matter is that the oil patch is losing money because of a bottleneck in pipeline supply ability.

British Columbia and Alberta Fight Over Kinder Morgan PipelineB.C. Government Angers Alberta Leaders

British Columbia is once again trying to block the Kinder Morgan pipeline that would run from Alberta’s oil sands to the coast of British Columbia, Alberta is very upset calling the move unconstitutional on British Columbia’s part and some of the other provinces Such as Saskatchewan agree. what political moves does premier Rachel Notley have that she can play against British Columbia’s

New Verse For O’Canada Passes The Senate 

Canada’s national anthem “Oh Canada”  is changing slightly as the Senate pass the bill to make it more General neutral. the second line in the anthem currently reads “ in all thy Sons commands”  but will read “ in all of us command.” The Senate has made its final approval to the legislation, Now it only requires a formal Royal assistant before becoming law.

Jagr Warns Fan’s Of HC Kladno He’s Not Ready Yet

The Calgary Flames recently agreed to officially loan Jaromir Jagr to his hometown team HC Kladno for the remainder of his one-year contract.  the excitement is building in the Czech Republic as fans chant “ Return of the King.”  Jagr cautioned his fans on Facebook that he is not ready to return to action yet and not sure when he will be.

Calgary’s Council Can’t Seem To Play Nice

It’s been 3 months since the new Calgary Council has been voted in but they are still struggling to get along. The marriage even describes it as “ one of the strangest”  referring to a recent council meeting. Mayor Nenshi  also said, “ it may be time for us to have that brought her conversation on how we work together.”

Rezone Would Allow For More 18-20 Story High Rises In Edmonton

The city of Edmonton is considering a rezoning proposal that would allow for more 18 to 20 story high rises. During an urban planning meeting on Tuesday, a rezoning proposal was put forward that would make it easier for Developers to construct 18 to 20 story high rises, counselors are yet to decide.

Bundle Up Edmonton It’s Going TO Be A Cold Day

It’s time to bundle up Edmontonians the weather is going to be very chilly today.  With a daytime high of only -18 degrees Celsius, there will also be a wind of 15 km per hour making for an overall -27 degrees Celsius with the wind chill.