Colder Weather Brings More Fire Hazards

Space Heater Fire HazardsSaint Albert fire Services Warren but there is always an increased chance of Fire during cold snaps.  When it’s cold outside we obviously look for ways keep our homes warm,  sometimes we resort to electrical devices that we wouldn’t normally use, these are an additional fire hazard and must be treated with respect. Space heaters are commonly knocked over and if they come in contact with a combustible material can easily start a fire.

Cracking Down On Boundry Violations

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta is set to release some new rules for the profession. Obviously, sexual relationships between doctors and patients are already banned but the new rules would also ban other types of relationships Called boundary violations which include Social, Financial, business and personal relationships that could create a conflict of interest.

Sorrentinos Back To Basics

Famous local restaurant Sorrentinos has a special promotion for the month of January called back to basics, this 3-course meal is $28 and available had all locations in the Edmonton area.

Around The World News 

Cold Snap Causes Near Riot Conditions 

JFK Airport in New York has been under extreme delays due to weather conditions on the east coast of the United States, these delays led to a near Riot situation with punches being thrown by frustrated passengers.

Companies Battle To be Your Home Assistant 

The battle is really heating up for home virtual assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri apps. Google decided to make a very rare appearance at this year’s CES week in Las Vegas. This is the first time in years that Google has had a large stand-alone booth at the show, they’re showcasing their home virtual assistant Simply called Google Assistant.

Is Lettuce To Blame For E-coli Outbreak?

Is romaine lettuce the cause of the E-coli outbreak affecting Canada and the United States? Well the CDC cannot be  100% positive that the romaine lettuce is the cause of E-coli outbreak they have recommended people stop consuming it until the cause of the outbreak is determined. In the past 60 days, 58 people in Canada and the United States have died from the outbreak.

Hate Dry, Itchy Scalp? Try This

Do you hate that dry itchy feeling that you get on your scalp in the winter time? as it gets colder in the air dries out try skin is inevitable. A dry scalp can lead to eczema or psoriasis but experts so you to avoid chemical treatments and apply coconut oil instead.  Also, a diet rich in omega-3 oils is said to help in managing dry scalp.

Robots Show Homes For Sale

Instead of a real estate agent or property management company showing you a new place to live you might be coming face-to-face with a 3ft tall robot with an iPad mounted to the machine. Zen place, a company in the Bay area of California are using robots to show people there potential new homes instead of sending out actual agents.  The robots are just means of transportation, the agent is still talking to you face to screen.